Blood Type Diet

The blood group diet have originated from two American Naturopaths, Dr James D'Adamo, and his son Dr Peter D'Adamo, who believe that each person's blood group type is the key to how you burn your calories, which foods one should eat and how one would benefit from certain types of exercise.

These Naturopaths recommend that eating to suit your blood group may, help you to lose weight, help you fight disease, boost your immune system and slow down the ageing process.

It is believed that a chemical reaction occurs between your blood and foods as they are digested. Lectins, a diverse and abundant protein found in food, may be incompatible with your blood group and adverse side effects may occur.

Now, most lectins found in the diet are not quite so life threatening, although they can cause a variety of other problems, especially if they are specific to a particular blood type. For the most part your immune systems protect you from lectins.

Your blood type diet is the restoration of your natural genetic rhythm. It works because you are able to follow a clear, logical, scientifically researched plan based on your cellular profile. Each food groups are divided into three categories: Highly beneficial ( food that acts like Medicine), Foods allowed (food that are no harm to the blood type) and Foods not allowed (food that acts like a Poison)

There are 4 blood types: O, A, B, and AB

The Four Blood groups :

1.Type 'O':

The oldest and the most basic type, the survivor at the top of the food chain, with the strong and ornery immune system willing to and capable of destroying anyone. If you are looking for weight loss,avoid corns , kidney beans etc.

2.Type 'A':

Type 'A' is the second oldest blood group. They are more co-operative personality to get along in crowded communities.If you are looking for Weight loos avoid high protein like meat , milk and its products.

3.Type 'B':

Type 'B' is an assimilator,adapting to new climates and mingling of populations, representing nature's quest for a new balanced force between tensions of the mind and the demands of the immune system. You should avoid foods like corn lentil, peanuts for Weight Loss purpose.

4.Type 'AB':

This blood group has characteristics of both A and B. It is rare blood group. You should avoid foods like red meat kidney beans for Weight Loss purpose.