About Us

About Us "Health Nuts Diet" a name related with trust, health & nutrition.
Dt. Prachi gupta - Founder and Dietician/Nutritionist


  • Specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Institute of Home Economics, New Delhi.
  • Having total 4.5+years of experience in the field of Foods & Nutrition.
  • Worked for hospitals like Safdujung Hospital,Max Hospital, etc.
  • Has been in active clinical practice since 2011.
  • Able to successfully treat lifestyle problems like Obesity, Digestive Disorders, High Cholesterol, Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Menopausal Complaints, Chronic Fatigue, Low Immunity etc with the help of Advanced Nutritional knowledge, Counseling and Exercise.

Awards & Achievements:

  • Awarded as Top Nutrionists in all over india in fitness first for 8 Consecutive months.
  • Awarded for giving a presentation on “Health & Nutrition” at Horlicks,Gurgaon.
  • Active on Facebook and has an ever growing fan base.
  • Done videos for Healthkart on youtube.
  • Done workshops in schools, hospitals and cooperate on different health topics.
  • Writing articles for newspapers on different health topics.
  • Best student award in DDPHN.
  • Symposium on nestle diabetic foundation.
  • Symposium on Bariatric surgery.
  • Symposium on Public health nutrition by NFI.
  • Distinctions in subjects at college level.

How We Do

We here online not only give solution to your problems but also educate you for the future. We do not believe in short cut diets for any problem. We here provide completely normal kitchen friendly diets which are easy to understand, easy to cook and easy to follow.
Dietician Prachi personally does not believe on fancy diets which are not sustainable in long term, so she suggests very easy diets .We never plan a diet which is based on mono foods or starvation diets, or crash diets.
In any case we give 1st priority to Health and then weight management.
Dt. Prachi believes if a person is healthy he /she can manage his/her weight much more easily as compared to a person who is unhealthy.
We plan diets according to the person’s requirement, age, gender and medical illness.

Why Us

As we do believe on normal diets so following our diets is quite easy for home makers as they are the one who take care of all the family members.
We educate home makers in all aspects of foods. We clear doubts and the myths regarding foods.
About 70% people follow wrong practices or myths about food like time, combinations and amount etc.
We have 80% new clients every month who are the reference of our existing clients.
This experienced online diet consultant (India) says I run my own e commerce site to serve people who want to achieve their health and fitness goals at there door steps in the safe and natural way through balanced diet and nutrition. I provide customized online diet plans for weight loss, controlling obesity, diabetes, thyroid, stress, beauty/skin glow and other therapeutic disorders ,sports nutrition ,ayurvedic diets.
"It has always been my dream to create and promote good health and fitness through good food. My aim is to guide, educate and motivate my patients about how healthy eating can contribute in bringing health, wealth and happiness together in their life...............